For Unforgettable Memories

Powder white sand, exotic palm trees and turquoise, gin clear seas are the perfect backdrop for both a wedding and a honeymoon, so no wonder some happy couples choose to do both at once. If you would like a wedding abroad there are some spectacular destinations to consider that would make for some fabulous wedding photos. The Caribbean is a hot favourite, as are the exotic islands in the Pacific like Hawaii, the Cook Islands and Tahiti.

Honeymoons are a very special time, and can be made as individual as the couples who travel on them. Many, many holiday providers are on the lookout for honeymoon business, so it is important to choose your supplier carefully. Almost anything is possible, whether your first love is visiting Burmese Temples, hiking the slot canyons of Utah, or having your breakfast brought to your overwater bungalow by canoe in the Maldives.

The most important things are to get it right first time and to make it really, really easy. The last thing you need amid all the wedding preparations are honeymoon preparations, so let ATB take care of it all for you – for free.