Putting The Active into Active Travel Boutique

Active holidays aren’t necessarily holidays that wear you out. It is possible to have a trip that suits your interpretation of ‘active’, whether that means having something interesting to do and see each day, to sailing or even fitness holidays. The main thing is, they don’t have to be as active as they sound.

There are scores of active holidays to choose from and scores of suppliers. At the more difficult end of the scale are Himalayan trekking routes, mountain biking and road cycling covering serious distances whose participants require a high level of fitness. At the other end of the scale are trips where you stroll or cycle a few miles between gorgeous hotels with your bags delivered for you, to canal boating, wine tasting or architectural tours in beautiful places. And then of course there is everything in between, canoeing, volunteering, singing, line dancing or bridge holidays!

It is always nice to have the choice to do something active and interesting on holiday, even if you choose not to do it. With a broad range of contacts and a knowledge of which operator offers which type and level of tour, ATB can help you secure a holiday that will match your preferred level of activity, so you won’t find you finish your route before elevenses on a walking tour, or find you’re only half way there as the sun begins to set.